The Samoa Voyaging Socety (SVS) works to promote positive Samoan cultural values, respect for the ocean and nature, individual and social responsibility, discipline and integrity.

The SVS considers that the reintroduction of traditional sailing in Samoa will provide opportunities for youth development (sports, leadership), environmental awareness, cultural development and, potentially, tourism opportunities such as whale watching and adventure tours.

SVS is developing hands-on educational and training programmes in traditional sailing and navigation. The programmes will target young Samoan youth including school children, school leavers and other interested groups. The task of learning traditional sailing and navigation skills also develops leadership and discipline among the youth, leading to well-rounded young people capable of contributing positively to the growth of this nation.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Farewell Hawaii

12th July 2011

Today we leave Hawaii and head to California. In the afternoon, after preparations had been made to the va’a, Nainoa Thompson briefed the navigators on the sail plan to San Francisco. Afterwards the fleet made their way to the beach for a final goodbye.

Marc joined us one last time for our custom belief ritual as we made our way out of Hanalei bay. In this ritual, held at every departure to sea, we open the way for a safe sail, and bind our crew together. And at every arrival we close this door. In joining us for this custom belief, knowing that he will not be in San Francisco to close the door, we are all assured that Skipper Marc will one day join us again to close the door; a time we all look forward to.

Once again we are out in the Moana Sausau; feeling the wind in our hair, having the sea spray stinging our eyes, and searching the sky for the night’s first star. It feels familiar. It feels comfortable - I guess we have made it our home out here.

We would like to send a big fa’afetai tele lava to all the families, churches and friends who have made Hawaii a second home to us.

In Hawaii Hilo thank you to Afioa Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, Afioga Muagututi'a Lima Tamasese
Susuga Talauega, Ekalesia Aso Fitu in Hilo, Ekalesia CCCs in Kona and Ese Uhrley.

In Maui thanks to the Canoe Club, to Una and Paul.

In Moloka’i, thank you to Iese Tanielu, our host for the Hawaiian 'Ava Ceremony.

In Oahu, thank you to Afioga Afimutasi Gus Hunneman and his good lady, AOG Samoan Congregation with Pastor Hunkin, Chief Malietoatauasa Folosielu Avea and ausiva, Susuga George Meleisea and family, Nainoa Thomson, the crew and management of Hokule'a, 'Alo from Fagasa Am.Samoa, the Tokelauan community, the American Samoan community, the Samoan community, the Filipino community, Olelo Television with Galumalemana Molesi, Hanna and Siiva, Live Sene and family.

In Kauai, thank you to Cordelia “Talu” Chang, Pastor Joe Hanneman and the Samoan aiga.

And many more individuals known to God.

Lea ua manuia uma matou ma fiafia.



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