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The SVS considers that the reintroduction of traditional sailing in Samoa will provide opportunities for youth development (sports, leadership), environmental awareness, cultural development and, potentially, tourism opportunities such as whale watching and adventure tours.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

102 Nautical Miles from Tahiti!

Today marks our 28th day at sea since leaving the Galapagos Islands. We should reach our destination, Tahiti, by Sunday! There is high anticipation of land on the canoe, especially after sighting some yesterday just after sunrise! 

The 28 days gone by on the canoe have gone by surprisingly fast. Canoe spirits are high and after being together for so long (it’s been 88 days together since we left San Diego!) we’re way too comfortable around each other. A true family on a moving house!

For me, the main thing I miss is fresh food. Those who know me know that my favourite topic is food! Most of us, actually, have been talking a lot lately of the foods that we miss - especially at this stage of the voyage when our supplies are quite low. We ran out of our fresh produce some time ago now. Yesterday, as the sun was about to go down, we caught two Wahoo, which tasted absolutely amazing today. And it sure does beat canned sardines!

Luckily, we all like noodles, and Lole cooks them just the way we like them! Lole sure does do a great job. Tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, porridge, rice and noodles are what he’s working with. Let’s just say we call him Jamie ‘Lole’ver for a reason! So for my blog today, I thought I’d go around the canoe and find out what food everybody is missing the most. Just for something different!

I’ll start with Captain Nick, who is missing a Cook Island dish called ‘Ika Mata’ which is Raro’s version of Oka!
Chef Lole misses Laupele;
Taleni and Fa’apau agree on missing pua’a the most;
Kalolo craves for Siaosi’s fresh bread in the mornings, while it’s still warm, with some anchor butter to spread! Washed down with some Koko Samoa;
Fani can’t decide between mango or to go with Kalolo to Siaosi’s store to get some fresh Pani Popo;
Sala simply wants fresh fruit of any kind;
Robbie can’t wait for some chocolate biscuits;
Charlie craves for some greasy, crunchy fried chicken;
John, a good fish burger;
Schannel would love some spicy salami;
Stef could go for some nice camembert cheese;
Brynne wants to sink her teeth into a sweet, cold Popsicle;
Tasha is tossing up between some Chinese Sweet and Sour or a juicy mango;
… and for me, I can’t get the thought out of my head of a cold, crisp, juicy apple. Funny out of all the things that I miss, my most desired is a simple apple, washed down of course with an icy cold, sweet niu.

Soon enough we will be on land. I can’t wait to see Tahiti for myself. To catch up with our fellow Voyagers and share tales of our long sail and to please these cravings! Only two more sleeps to go!

Until then, lots of love to all my family and friends back home, also to the families of my fellow crew mates, and to all the supporters out there, following our journey!
I’m truly having an experience of a lifetime out here on the ocean. The canoe sure feels like home and I will be sad to watch the canoes continue on without me when the time comes! But until then, I will love every moment I have with my Gaualofa family and appreciate everything that the big blue throws our way. Yesterday just as we sighted land we were blessed with a refreshing rain shower and a perfect rainbow soon to follow curving over the white sand and coconut trees. The world truly is a beautiful place.

Alofa Atu,
Jayde Leota

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  1. Hi dad soon enough you'll be back and be able to sink your teeth into some crunch fried chicken!