The Samoa Voyaging Socety (SVS) works to promote positive Samoan cultural values, respect for the ocean and nature, individual and social responsibility, discipline and integrity.

The SVS considers that the reintroduction of traditional sailing in Samoa will provide opportunities for youth development (sports, leadership), environmental awareness, cultural development and, potentially, tourism opportunities such as whale watching and adventure tours.

SVS is developing hands-on educational and training programmes in traditional sailing and navigation. The programmes will target young Samoan youth including school children, school leavers and other interested groups. The task of learning traditional sailing and navigation skills also develops leadership and discipline among the youth, leading to well-rounded young people capable of contributing positively to the growth of this nation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

9th August 2011

Position: Treasure Island, San Francisco


It's been a hectic schedule since we arrived one week ago, with daily sails in giving back to our wonderful and gracious hosts but also in spreading the interest and message of why the Te Mana o Te Moana fleet is in San Francisco. Today, the fleet will sail to Pier 29 and beach in small protected area right next to the Maritime Museum. This is to give those who haven't yet had a chance to look and tour the va'a while we’re still in San Francisco and give the voyagers a treat of seeing the Fisherman's Wharf and the Maritime museum. Last evening the crew of Gaualofa and Marumaru Atua were guests in the home of Sose Papali'i and her family for a BBQ dinner - it was a great turn out. Dinner was a sumptuous event. The festivities happened out on the veranda with everyone taking a turn on the ukulele jamming and singing away. The drive back to our quarters was also an event: we had Heaven, Jasmine and Andrew (our hosts) drive us back to Treasure Island and Emeryville, where a few were staying at the hotel from Pacifica (quite a drive), faafetai tele lava.

Kalolo and a few others from the fleet have been invited to participate in a tour to the Marine Mammal Sanctuary, a place where marine life are able to rehabilitate peacefully before being returned to the wild. Later they will do a few footage shots with Mike and the crew in the city, showing how the voyagers are managing the modern big city.

Stay tune for more...


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